OzHarvest WA Launch

Hosted by their CEO Ronni Kahn & their Ambassador Chef Guillaume Brahimi, this evening celebrates the OzHarvest food rescue organization coming to Western Australia for the first time and lucky for us our 2013 The Estates Blanc de Blanc was on hand to help with the celebration of this vibrant charitable organization coming to our coast for the first time.

Since its beginning in 2004 Ronnie Kahn and her "yellow army" rescue perfectly good and nutritious food from supermarkets, farmers, catering events, restaurants, cafe's, pubs and many many more in order to donate these items to over 500 charities nationwide. According to their website their mission contributes in the following four ways:

"1.Our food deliveries to charitable organisations enable them to provide a broad range of high quality food that was not available previously.

2. Our food deliveries to charities enable them to redirect vital funding into education, rehabilitation and other programs, which directly benefit their clients.

3. By ensuring that good food is being eaten rather than going to landfill OzHarvest is minimising food waste and saving our environment by preventing tonnes of carbon emissions from polluting the atmosphere.

4.Our food donors benefit from reduced expenditure associated with the disposal of excess food, reduced food storage costs and the satisfaction of knowing they are making a valuable contribution to those in need in the local community." -

If you or your business would like to be involved please contact OzHarvest at:

1800 108 006

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